Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011


This is the fursona from Neid, a user on furbase. I like his fursona that much, that I have to draw it. His fursona isn`t an Anthro, but I like to draw his fursona as Anthro.

Fashion Victim: NyaaaFoxX

This time I tried to draw a Visual Kei Outfit.

Fashion Victim: Vorndess

Time for new fashion victims, this time it is Vorndess. Vorndess get a cosplay. Who know from which Anime it is?

The character belongs to Vorndess.

Fashion Victims

On Furbase I offered free sketches, but the fursonas will wear some random clothes. I offered this, because I wanted draw more clothes and I think it would be funny, to see his own fursona in different clothes, than usual.
I just drawed the pictures, the characters belongs the persons, which wanted have a sketch from me.


Schila Hayane


Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Nocturnal Birdcreature

This creature is nocturnal and like eating flesh. Their live on trees and jumps from tree to tree silenty, when it reached it`s prey it jumps down and cut them off with his claws. This creature is inspired by barn owls, and like barn owls , it hearing is very sensitive.

Horselike Creature